The Problem

Farms and non-farm employers offering low-skilled, seasonal and temporary employment historically have a hard time maintaining a reliable workforce.   The reason surrounding that fact is highly debatable and is the cause for much of today's stalled immigration reform.  The term "immigration reform" becomes relevant to the labor discussion as one side argues that local, U.S. workers are not willing to commit to seasonal or temporary low-skilled positions, thus forcing employers to rely on willing immigrant workers.  The other side argues that more U.S. workers would be willing to take on temporary, low-skilled jobs if employers raised wages and increased employee benefits.  If you are an employer that has exhausted all viable options for recruiting and maintaining a temporary, U.S. labor force and you still find yourself short on help, there is a solution.

The Solution

First, have you tried contacting your local American Job Center to post a job order?  Have you considered hiring a veteran, sponsoring an apprentice or a summer youth employee? Did you know there are many ways you can earn a tax credit on hiring people with significant barriers to employment?  Have you contacted your local labor union about the seasonal positions you are offering?   Have you offered a competitive wage and competitive working conditions or benefits?  

If you have exhausted the options above, it may be time to consider hiring legal, foreign workers through either of the H-2A or H-2B federal work visa programs. Both programs offer employers the ability to hire foreign workers just-in-time for harvest or at the start of the busy season.  When the season is over workers go home to their families abroad.  It's a win-win for both the employer that desperately needs help and the foreign worker that eagerly wants to provide for his family.  

The AZTEC Advantage

We strike a balance between providing quality service and consultation to the employer without compromising our commitment to the worker.  This creates a fair playing field for both the employer and worker, U.S. and foreign, and assures that everyone involved plays by the rules.  As your workforce broker, we pride ourselves not only on delivering excellent service to the employer-client, but also on serving the needs of the worker-client;  because we know that happy employees means better performance, higher profitability, and competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

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